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There is no excuse for not knowing about changes to sexual harassment laws!

Recently, Delaware House Bill 360 was put into practice and requires that employers who have 50 or more employees provide sexual harassment training to all employees every other year.  

Know and share the laws with your employees!   
•    Confirm you have distributed the “Delaware Sexual Harassment Notice” to all employees.
•    Post the notice in an area where all employees of Delaware can see it in the workplace.
•    Provide training within 1 year of hire for new employees that is interactive and done by educators who are familiar with the sexual harassment laws.
•    Provide supervisors with more intensive training that coaches them on how to handle concerns reported to them from their employees.
•    This training must be interactive and done by educators who are familiar with the sexual harassment laws. 

You do not want to find yourself in a courtroom due to a sexual harassment lawsuit and watch your expensive attorneys try to justify why your company did not comply with the law. Not complying means no matter what you’ve done right, you're going to be wrong and that is most likely going to cost you.
Though not required by the state, it is suggested that employers create a sexual harassment policy for your business and provide it to your employees.  Click HERE to create and download your free sexual harassment policy for your entire workforce available in English and Spanish.   This free sexual harassment policy template includes platforms for video or chat communication and collaboration your employees may use.

TAP Series also has qualified California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, and New York State and New York City online employee and supervisor sexual harassment training to meet employers' needs.
Learn more about this course!
TAP Series is designed to ensure all your bases are covered.  There is no need to gather a group to train with a high-cost instructor. Instead, individual training is offered online, self-paced, designed to work on any computer, tablet, or smartphone 24 hours a day.   The program is user-friendly, saves progress, can be stopped and restarted later.  Training can be finished in 1-hour for non-supervisors and 2 hours for supervisors and the program is offered in both English and Spanish.
With TAP, students succeed.
“My endorsement of the TAP course is from a standpoint of setting our team members up to pass a nationally recognized exam. I feel any of our team members completing this program with the same integrity required to operate our stores will be successful."
Jay Trimble, West Region, Dominos Pizza

The information provided in this blog is made available for educational purposes only as well as to provide general information and a general understanding of the law. It is not intended to be, nor should it be construed as providing specific legal advice.

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