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Getting vaccinated could win you some big bucks!

Getting vaccinated could win you some big bucks!


Governor Gavin Newsom awarded $50,000 to 15 lucky Californians on June 4th, and he is just getting started.


The Governor announced on May 27th that a series of lotteries will be held to motivate people to get their COVID-19 vaccine.  The program, which has earmarked $116.5 million dollars in incentives is called: Vax for the Win.    It is the largest incentive program in the nation.  

The program will give out:

Thirty $50,000 cash prizes

Ten $1.5 million-dollar cash prizes

2 million $50 gift cards

 The only thing residents have to do to be eligible to win, is to get their vaccines.  Entry is automatic. 

 Newsom’s push for vaccines comes as daily doses given in California have started to decrease.  Nearly 70% of adults have received at least one dose with around 129,000 doses being given daily.  The state has the lowest case rates in the country and has administered millions more vaccines than other states, but Newsom is not stopping there.  He wants to be ready for the state to fully reopen on June 15th, and that means getting as many vaccines administered as possible.


The Vax for the Win campaign was announced shortly after the “California Comeback Plan” was outlined.   Promises such as issuing $8 billion dollars in stimulus checks for struggling Californians, state budget adjustments to cater to requests from labor unions and interest groups and allowing restaurants and bars to continue to sell to-go alcoholic drinks even after the state reopens June 15th, are all part of the California Comeback Plan.

 Many argue that all these feel good announcements are Newsom’s strategy to gain votes in his favor as the upcoming election draws closer.   While this may be true, Rob Stutzman, a former communications director who worked with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, points out that the plan is worth it if it gets people who don’t normally pay attention to go out and get their vaccine. 

 While it is still unclear if the vaccine lottery has made any difference, 1 million vaccines have been given out since Newsom’s announcement on May 27th. 

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