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What is Valley Fever?

A fungus called Coccidioides Immitis, causes the infection known as Valley Fever.  This fungus lives in the top 2-12 inches of soil.   When the soil gets disturbed by digging, wind, or any kind of movement, the fungal spores become airborne.  These airborne spores can be inhaled by people working outdoors.   Once inhaled, the spores grow and reproduce inside the body.  Valley Fever cannot be transmitted from person to person, so it is not contagious.   The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), explains that it is difficult to prevent exposure to Coccidioides.

 TAP Series offers Valley Fever Training to not only train your employees on Valley Fever but document employee training in your TAP account.  Course certificates can be reprinted anytime.  The self-paced course allows your employees to train on their schedule and is available in English and Spanish.  TAP’s system allows you to reenroll employees quickly for annual reviews or into new courses.



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