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What is the fungus among us?


There IS a Fungus Among Us


Terry Noland released the song “There Was a Fungus Among Us” in the 1950’s, but the title “There IS a Fungus Among Us” might be more appropriate today.  The Coccidioides Immitis fungus is the fungus that is causing Valley Fever, an illness that is caused by disrupting soil and releasing the fungus into the air.  Construction and agricultural workers are the most at risk for breathing air that contains the fugus, due to their occupations.  Cases have been on the rise all over California, yet few employers cover it in their Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).


TAP Series offers Valley Fever Training to not only train your employees on Valley Fever but document employee training in your TAP account.  Course certificates can be reprinted anytime.  The self-paced course allows your employees to train on their schedule and is available in English and Spanish.  TAP’s system allows you to reenroll employees quickly for annual reviews or into new courses.

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